What Is Coaching

Coaching is about awareness, alternatives, and action:

  • Awareness - (Re)discovering what's important to you, including your values and goals
  • Alternatives - Defining new perspectives, options, and choices
  • Action - Creating and staying accountable to a plan that positively changes your situation

As your coach, I will:

  • Guide you through this process
  • Offer a safe, judgment-free, and confidential environment
  • Help you better understand yourself and what's really important to you
  • Work with you to clarify ways you can change your situation
  • Hold you to the level of accountability you desire for taking action

Our coaching relationship is a partnership focused on you and your needs. You set the agenda, the frequency of our conversations, and the outcome of each session. I'm here for support, guidance, and maybe some tough love (if that's what you need).

Some of my favourite quotes and thoughts about coaching:

Coaches – the good ones, anyway – give you a no bullsh*t workout for your brain; they know that you're only going to listen to yourself, because ultimately we're all little idiots who must have our own miraculous epiphany to change anything about our comfortable but unsatisfactory lives.

Hannah Ewens, VICE 

People are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole. People can find the answers if they are asked the right questions. There is no need to "fix" you - coaching is simply discovering and uncovering who you already are.

Coach Training Institute

World-class athletes know it. So do opera divas. Winners in nearly every profession know that without the right coach, they won’t perform at their peak. Coaching isn’t therapy. It’s product development, with you as the product.

Claire Tristram, Fast Company